Insurance Financing

Insurance Financing

Insurance Financing

Savings and Coverage

At North Valley Family Dentist, we're your trusted in-network provider with various dental insurance carriers, helping you save on dental care costs. Our streamlined process includes handling claim forms and accepting direct payments from your insurance company, making your visits convenient and cost-effective.


Understanding Your Plan

Dental insurance benefits can vary slightly, but they generally have some core principles. Most plans have coverage limitations, with benefits expiring at the end of each calendar year. This means it's a "use it or lose it" scenario. Our practice works with leading providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Aetna, offering coverage for crucial preventive dentistry services that support your family's oral health.


CareCredit Financing

If you don't currently have dental insurance, we have an affordable solution. CareCredit allows you to create a payment plan tailored to your budget, breaking down your overall dental costs into manageable monthly payments. Even better, many of these plans come with little to no interest. To explore this option further, please contact us for more information.


Optimizing Your Benefits

To maximize your dental insurance, we recommend scheduling and attending two covered checkups and cleanings each year. This approach not only prevents dental issues but also ensures you get the most out of your benefits. Keep an eye on your plan's annual maximum limit to avoid unexpected costs. Our dedicated team is here to help you track your benefits and plan treatments efficiently.

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